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As I enter my 4th decade of covering parties, events, and sports in the tri-state area,
it's amazing to see where the technology has taken us...bright, stunning images with dimension, depth, accurate skin tones...shot in dimly lit temples and candle lit ballrooms. I switched completely to digital photography in 2002. I couldn't wait to get my images out of the darkroom and onto my computer screen where the real fun could begin! Later in that year my company pioneered the first "digitally created" montage album. It changed the company forever. Finally, a boy or girl bar/bat mitzvah'ed in 2003 didn't have to have an album that looked like dad's from 1976!

In the decade that followed, plenty of photographers in the area tried to "catch up" by taking short cuts like hiring design houses to make their albums, or buying templates and just inserting images, making the same book over, and over. That's not how my company has made it's reputation. Each album is a custom design by one of my staff designers, and custom printed by myself. When production begins, we meet with you and talk about sequence, effects, backgrounds, etc, and help with the final selection of images.

I then meet with one of the designers on my staff and "story board" the album.
Several weeks after our meeting the album goes online. You can view it, show it to friends and family, even make changes. When you approve the album, I print it and it's off to the binder. The equipment my staff and I shoot with today require about 5% of the light we needed with the "clunky" film cameras of the 80's. Video too. If you had video at your wedding in the 80's or 90's it probably looked like a tv commercial was being filmed. Today, a 10 watt bulb is usually all we need for video. 100 asa film from 1989 has been replaced by digital cameras that can easily produce images that out perform film at 3200, 6400, even 8000 asa!

Enough with the technical stuff. What this means in the real world is that you probably won't know we're at your party. We work very hard to stay unobtrusive at your affair and the equipment really helps to make this possible. The best compliment we get..."wow, stunning images!" ...the second best compliment we get..."nobody remembers you guys being there!" Thanks for stopping by. I am available weekdays and nights for appointments, at the studio in Pleasantville or at your home.

~ Ray
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